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Intelligentgolf New Feature - RainCheck

Tuesday 1st April 2014

Continuing the innovation at intelligentgolf


We are delighted to announce an exciting new feature for our customers.  With full integration to our daily course status updates, and information populated by our real time weather forecasting, on those days when the weather is particularly unpleasant, it is now possible to take a “rain check”.  When accessed via our responsive web application, this allows you to defer golf when the forecast is looking particularly bad for the day.  Your playing partners will be updated via email to let them know that you are taking a rain check for maximum convenience.

If you’ve been booked into a qualifying competition, but it looks like rain will persist throughout, a patent pending formula will now calculate an appropriate weather adjusted score for you, and automatically enter it into the system.  This will allow you to maintain your number of CONGU qualifying competitions, without the inconvenience of being soaked on the golf course.

This is just the first step in an exciting phase of our development.  When your singles knockout opponent also takes a “rain check”, intelligentgolf will make a complex calculation to determine who should progress to the next stage of the competition.  Using data from rounds played by both parties, the winner will be notified instantly, allowing the loser to gracefully get the beers in at the bar, and avoiding all the unpleasantness of having to actually play golf in the rain.

We hope that this feature will be adopted by fair weather golfers all over the country, and will enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

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