Competition Management

Powerful and straightforward to use.


As well as handling the standard formats such as medals and stablefords, intelligentgolf also provides full support for a wide range of other competition types as well, with all of the great online features available for your members to enjoy, and the same ease of administration for the club officials.

All competitions are capable of using our powerful and flexible signup process, both in the clubhouse and from anywhere via the internet, with most of the formats available for full player score input via the touchscreen.


  • Mixed competition support, with single sign up sheets
  • Powerful knockout support, with automatically generated draws, seeding and some great communication features to make sure the rounds are played in a timely fashion with a minimum administrative effort required
  • Betterball competitions, with automatic calculation of results and easy to use player score input
  • Texas Scrambles, with full round visibility and competition statistics and support for pair, 3 ball and 4 ball competitions
  • Totally flexible Order of Merit, Eclectic & Birdie Tree competitions. Set it up at the start of the season and watch the results get updated instantly. Handles a wide variety of differing competition formats, signup options and scoring systems. Never again be limited to a single order of merit per database - it is unlimited with intelligentgolf
  • Winter League format competitions
  • Foursomes & Greensomes, including stableford variants
  • Open competitions, with support for visitor registration and online payment
  • Comprehensive reports available to administrators including handicap changes, birdies, twos, no shows
  • Automatic email notification to subscribers when the competition is finalised, as well as RSS feed updates


A closely contested golf match is a joy to watch, but often a lot more engaging to play. Members who participate in club competitions foster a better club atmosphere, are more likely to be retained as members and also can bring the club revenue by their participation. With increasingly busy lifestyles, the days when clubs could almost go out of their way to make competition signup a lottery for their members are now over.

The intelligentgolf system allows clubs to put the choice back, while allowing a fair system of signup. No one should be disadvanged or excluded if they don't use the internet, but equally those with busy working lives cannot always make the time to get to the club just to enter a competition. Members can enter in the clubhouse via the touchscreen, or an administrator in the pro shop or secretary's office can enter them by phone.

Administrators have complete control over the signup options, with features such as:

  • Opening and closing times for signup can be set
  • For individual competitions, whether an entrant can choose their tee time, their playing partners or merely state a preference for when they would like to play
  • For team competitions, assigned tee times or choice permitted
  • Entry requirements - the number of qualifiers played in the 12 months prior to the competition
  • Team selection, Captain vs Vice Captain, or North vs South for example
  • Hugely powerful payment options - require payment via account on entry, deferred or completely manual
  • Automated allocation tools, including by handicap, surname, time of entry and previous round performance in a multi-round competition
  • Automatic email notifications when booked into a competition
By providing golfers the flexibility of how they choose to enter, participation in competitions in almost all cases has been increased, in some cases by over 33%!

Open Competitions

Extending the signup features above to open competitions allows your visitors to the golf club to enter and access information with ease.  Full payment integration with PayPal or SagePay handles the money, and competition entry filters on handicap and age, with full CDH validation ensure that only those who qualify can enter.

For those clubs running larger competitions, including R&A World Amateur Golf Ranking events, intelligentgolf allows you to run very professional events, with automatic submission of scores to Central Databases of Handicaps & the R&A.

Live scoring options display open competition results directly on your website, allowing viewers all over the world to keep up with the action, with no additional effort for the club. 

Team open competitions are also easy to setup and enter, encouraging entry and maximising exposure and revenue for your club during an Open Week, or just your Seniors Open.  Once a competition has been completed, it is also easy then to contact the competitors to invite them to sign up for next year's event, and to publicise the results.

PSI Touchscreen

Making intelligentgolf accessible to all

A key goal of intelligent golf is to be inclusive, and this extends to allowing those without internet access to still be able to use the key functions of the system. With a beautifully designed, but easy to use interface, members can access their data using the touchscreen, logging in using their existing membership card or their PIN number. The following features are then available to them.

  • Notification of their exact and playing handicap
  • Any active competitions that they should return their scorecard for
  • Listing of all their future competition commitments including their tee time
  • Contact details of knockout opponents and deadlines for playing the next round by
  • Access to charts showing their stableford scoring trend and hole averages
  • Visibility of all future competitions, with the ability of signup directly to the startsheet

The touchscreen requires internet access, but is optimised to work over even dial up connections using the latest AJAX technology. The screen is also customised with the look & feel of the club, and is there to complement the surroundings. A club can choose to use their existing touchscreen and swipe cards if they have them, or intelligentgolf can provide them for you.

Big Screen Leaderboard

Any intelligentgolf competition can be displayed on our live leaderboards, running on as many screens as you would like.  With flexibility to display startsheets, sponsor information and of course hole by hole results, you can generate a great atmosphere in the clubhouse as the results are coming in.

An internet connection and a display device is all that is required to get this up and running, and the system is flexible with output devices, from a projector and screen, to full HD LCD TVs.  The ability to have the leaderboard shown on multiple screens also gives more options when running multiple competitions simultaneously as well.

On Course Scoring

While most competition results are entered on completion of the scorecard by the player, and the entry via the touchscreen, intelligentgolf also offers for those special events a compelling, hole by hole option.

On our specially designed mobile interface, scores can be recorded by players as they are actually on the course.  Used to great effect by England Golf, the Golfing Union or Ireland, County Unions and many prestigious clubs at their flagship events (The Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters,, volunteers positioned around the course record player standings, and this information is instantly updated on the internet and at the big screen leaderboards in the clubhouse.

This offers a fantastic facility for members and visitors alike, and brings a touch of The Open to your club's event.

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