Fully licensed CONGU, EGA & USGA Handicapping

World Handicapping Ready

As one of the key partners working with the R&A and CONGU, intelligentgolf was at the forefront of preparations for the changes to handicapping, launched globally in 2020.

With support for scores to be entered via app or touchscreen in the clubhouse, the system was built to support the shift in handicapping to allow recording of all scores.   With realtime uploads and downloads from National Systems, intelligentgolf ensures that the data your members see is correct and up to date.

National System Capability

As well interfacing with existing National WHS environments, intelligentgolf is also able to provide a whole country solution, with WHS being deployed and run in countries including Mauritius, The Seychelles and Qatar.


Handicapping should be transparent and visible to all members.  For too long handicapping has been seen as a black art, hidden away on antiquated computers managed by specific members.  Intelligentgolf changes all that, and brings handicapping out into the open.  With a full breakdown of competition information, all handicap changes, and where available, the individual member's handicap record information is there in the hands of all members of your club environment, 

Tried & Tested

With millions of rounds of golf and 16 years of experience, intelligentgolf is trusted to run qualifying competitions at the top levels of the amateur game.  From the St Andrews Links Trophy to your club's Seniors Open, the same engine drives all our clubs.

This means that you are always compliant with the latest changes from WHS, and never running out of date software. 


Being able to administer competitions and handicaps from almost any device with internet access greatly eases the role of the competition secretary. Faster turnaround of competititions, and especially the ability to verify and update handicap indexes with just a couple of clicks.

Features available in intelligentgolf include:

  • Fully compliant competition and handicap handling of medals, stablefords, par/bogeys and many other common formats
  • The ability to manage unified competitions across the club - no more split men and ladies sections, and awkward results combinations, you can now run the club as a single entity
  • Open and transparent handicapping - all members are able to view their full handicap history online, and see every little increase or otherwise
  • Constantly accurate handicap lists, with custom searches for each section
  • Location independent handicap administration; club officials can perform key tasks from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • Members are able to view their handicap information directly in the igMember App, whether they are at home or on holiday in the UK or abroad

The system is also constantly updated to meet the changing requirements of WHS Handicapping.  Never worry about the need to download or install updates from CD, or to backup your system.  Your club's data is secured in our state of the art Amazon datacentres, with multiple offsite backups.  Let us take care of the technical issues, leaving you to the golf.

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