Ease of use, powerful features.


The intelligentgolf membership and subscription system combines the ease of use of our other software modules with the intuitive and innovative intelligentgolf design.

The membership and subscriptions system has many features designed to save administration time and to provide excellent financial and membership analysis reports.

  • Fully integrated member's database with intelligentgolf website, competitions and handicapping and tee time booking system.
  • Full template or adhoc email facility with an email history assigned to each individual member. Send emails in bulk or create PDFs for printing.
  • Simple and easy to use direct debit and standing order facility.
  • Ability to automatically calculate pro rata payments.
  • Full billing and adhoc bill history, view a previous years bill at any time. At-a-glance view of a member's outstanding bills and recent payments.
  • Historic reporting to identify changes in member demographics over time for example, average age, average handicap, average subscription renewal total etc..
  • Automatically email subscription notices - letters generated and printed for all member's without a valid email address.
  • Intuitive and flexible design with easy to use, clear and consistent interface.
  • Payments can be split into instalments, and with fixed or % payment surcharges depending on type.
  • Arbitrary numbers of items can be created, with fixed price or price depending on member category.
  • Custom fields associated with members, with reports on them.


Information is worthless if you are unable to get at it, and the reporting components of intelligentgolf membership put you in control.  With all data available at a click of a button, creating a specific view of the data is easy.

Graphical representation of the membership gives you at a glance views, with drill down into the real details just a click away.

Custom reporting allows you to generate complex sets of data as required, and the custom field support lets you store almost any form of data in the system, to track everything from loan amounts, to occupation to noting all of your past captains.  This data can then be used to generate specific emails to groups of your membership.


Naturally the membership system is fully integrated with the website and competition & handicapping system - they are part of the same database.  This means that updates to member records, changes to category will be performed once, taking effect everywhere.  When a member updates their contact details on the members' area, this updates their internal records as well, so that it is available to be used by administrators immediately.

With the intelligentgolf EPOS system, the integration flows directly in both directions from the clubhouse till system as well.  This enables realtime statement queries, levy card transfers, clawbacks and reporting to all be carried out through intelligentgolf directly.

There are also a number of third party integration options as well.

Access Control

With integration to Paxton Net2, ACT, Progeny and WinTACS, intelligentgolf is able to maintain a consistent link of member information between each database.  With Net2 integration, you can even adjust door security policies for users remotely. (requires a recent version of Net2)

EPOS System

As well as the intelligentgolf EPOS system, integration is also available to Micros Fidelio/Concept and Open Solutions International membership and EPOS systems.  Working with your existing provider is always something that we will try to do to deliver the solution that best fits your needs.


One of the really repetitive features that golf clubs deal with is the changing of categories, and the coming and going of members.  With our advanced "future status" feature, you can now setup changes to members in advance, preserving their current access and then automatically updating on a specified date.  No more having to demote a seven day golfer to five day rights in advance, or a manual set of changes to carry out when changeover occurs.


The ability to generate emails to individual members, groups of members and even the entire membership is a few clicks away.  With full tracking and history of emails, you can easily recall past messages.

Should you need to generate printed letters for a subset of the members, these can be created at the same time, and only for those without email addresses automatically.  Intelligentgolf also brings the capability of SMS texting individual members as well, should an alternative method of contact be required.

With label merge, and ready to print A4 label sheets, intelligentgolf makes keeping in touch with your members a breeze.

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